A Yoga Training I will Never Forget

Last weekend I loaded up the War Pony with my yoga mat, blender, cooler full of spinach and fruit, some yoga pants a couple shirts and began the long drive from Okanogan to Longiew(6.5-7.5 hours depending on traffic) to participate the Yoga For Addiction and Recovery training at Tula Yoga and Jiu Jitsu. It has been a training on my YogaFit training wish list ever since I decided to take the Yoga for Warriors Track last year and it was a YogaFit Training I will not forget. There are so many reasons it will always be close to the heart and below are some images to share just a few.

Amanda getting ready to share a sound bath with her singing bowls.

Amanda getting ready to share a sound bath with her singing bowls.

Singing Bowls, expanding yoga community, essential oils, healing, friendships, sharing the scary stuff with strangers that are now friends.

You ever find yourself in a place or at an event and you know that it is exactly where you are meant to be? This was my experience at the YogaFit training in Longview, WA for Addiction and Recovery. A lot of things happened that steered me to this particular training to be a part of this particular experience.

Not only did I have a compassionate trainer in Kathy, but the other four women than I shared space with brought a wealth of knowledge, understanding and passion to the room that wouldn’t have been possible if even one were missing.

Looking forward to sharing the skills and knowledge with my #getbendyOmies once I return to my home studios and to expand what I have learned with the addiction and recovery community in Okanogan County and on my home Reservation, the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. Sharing healing and providing tools for healing and growth.