Why You Should Try SUP Yoga This Summer

What is ‘SUP Yoga’ and why you should try it this summer.

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling/Paddleboard depending on what you are referring to.  It is a water sport that started in Hawaii and has grown extremely popular in the past few years mainly because it is a pretty easy skill to pick up! 

Standup paddle boarding in Okanogan County is primarily practiced on flat water unless you are among those who like to really push boundaries and are paddling on rivers in white water. 

Aside from being a fairly easy skill to pick up the benefits of SUP’ing are vast. 

Increased balance (particularly on the water)

Strengthening the core muscles, and the rest of your body (arms, shoulders, legs)

Great for increasing fitness and even weight loss – combine this with yoga and the benefits increase exponentially.

SUP Yoga is a fairly new summer sport trend and depending on the conditions and the location no experience of either SUP or Yoga is necessary to try it!

A SUP Yoga class will start with a short briefing on land to introduce you to paddle technique, orient yourself to the board and a few other important things to know for a safe and fun experience on the water.  Then we will get on the water and have a short warm up paddle, to the spot that we will be practicing.  Once we get to the yoga spot we will begin with breathing and an easy yoga flow and then have a chance to experience some more challenging poses on the board. 

Classes will run from 60 to 90 minutes and incorporate some of your normal ‘fitness’ moves such as lunges, high planks, abdominal exercises as well as downward facing dogs, warrior postures and more. There is no set structure to the yoga portion of the class as it really depends on who is there on the day and the weather conditions. Modifications for all of the poses will be offered just like a class on land. 


Key Benefits of SUP Yoga:

•          Increases strength

•          Decreases stress: deep breathing, get outside, earthing

•          Increases flexibility

•          Decreases risk of cardiovascular disease and increases circulation through the body

•          Increases balance

•          It’s fun!

You can give SUP Yoga a try with me this summer in Okanogan County at one of my classes either on a local lake or pool. You can also try other classes that will be offered, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on the SUP and SUP technique for those who just want to get on a board and paddle more effectively and get a more in-depth SUP skills class. 

Can't wait to have you in my floating yoga studio!

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

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