Yoga For the Yoga Curious

Why a Series for the Yoga Curious?
For the past 5 years teaching yoga I have wondered why more people don't participate in or TRY  yoga.  And by try I don't mean attending one class and deciding to hate it.   Yoga is challenging both physically AND mentally.   In order to experience all of the benefits of a yoga class, we have to attend several classes.  Hence the Series for the Yoga Curious.

One of the most challenging parts of a yoga class for many of the students who come isn't the movement.  Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be flexible to be in a yoga class.  The hardest part is realizing(or not and just being totally uncomfortable with NO idea why) that they are also doing work to heal soul wounds, find mental clarity, gain skills to quiet an over stimulated min, to be aware of what is happening in their bodies, gaining skills to reduce stress, get better sleep and for the not flexible, become more mobil.   

In contrast, a hard core workout can and often does exacerbate an already taxed adrenal system, increase the release of stress hormones, create more tension in the body and reduce the ability to connect with what our bodies actually need to function optimally. 
When forced to be present and recognize that our bodies change from day to day and that some days it is better to take it easy and others its time to push our bodies to the edge explore what we are capable of.   This idea is uncomfortable, especially when the objective of most exercise programs and exercisers is to get in, sweat, push hard and get out.  

The series for the yoga curious provides a safe place to explore everything mentioned above and to learn asana(yoga poses) and any modifications specific to your unique needs.  Learn pranayama(breathing techniques) that will aid in every aspect of everyday life to reduce stress and anxiety.  

Hope to see you in Class Monday

Class Checklist:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you have available now, i.e; yoga pants, sweat pants, t-shirt, sports bra, tank top. Come wearing what you feel comfortable in. After the first couple of classes you will have a better idea about what you prefer to wear and then go shopping.

  • Bring a water bottle or make sure you are well hydrated before class. If you bring a water bottle try to bring a reusable water bottle rather than a plastic, single use water bottle. Let’s do our part to keep our oceans and landfills plastic free.

  • A towel in case you need to wipe sweat

  • If you have a yoga mat, bring it. If you do not have a yoga mat, we have them for you to use until you are ready to buy your own.

  • Day One: We will fill out waivers, take care of any payments, talk a little about what to expect over the next 6 class sessions, quick introductions(part of the yoga journey is connecting with others)

  • Come with an open heart and open mind, leave expectations at the door and I promise you will be happy you did.

Google Calendar: Yoga Schedule

Link to some great info on a new yoga mat. I use Matts and love the Jade mats too. Great article tho. Go check it out.