A little about Roxanne


Welcome!  Thank you for checking me out!  If you are here it means you feel connected to me or my work in some way.  If you saw my work online, met me in person at a workshop or ran into me on the rare occasion I socialize., no matter what drew you....I am so excited you are here.  

Why am I so excited that you are here? 

Let me tell you!

I've spent many years searching for my "thing."  Scuba instructor, culinary arts, event coordinator, mom(this I will always be), marketing consultant, social media manager and I am sure there are more “things”...the list is long. Through all of those “things”, the one common thread has always been photography.  No matter what the "thing" I always found myself taking photos! 

4 years ago I started Roxtography, a photography business which evolved into consulting, yoga, offering education for small business owners through trainings, workshops and one on one mentoring.  

 In 2018 I was honored as an Artist in Business Leader Fellow with the First Peoples Fund. Being a First Peoples Fund Fellow shed a new light and perspective on my identity.  For the first time in my life I identifies as an Indigenous Artist! I spent most of 2018 learning, honing skills, letting go of “things” that don’t relate to my core values and work and growing as a photographer and business owner.

In Short, the answer to "why I am so excited that you are here" is that I truly get 'so excited' about helping others explore their passion, and having a career where I get to capture your unique connection with your passions, family, nature and friends makes me jump for joy!  I am so excited that you are here because in some way you have become curious and that is exciting! 


Roxanne L Best



More of the Stuff:

2018 First Peoples Fund Artist in Business Leadership Fellow Link to Article

2018 Bear Award Recipient for my work supporting the development of Small Businesses on the Colville Reservation

OMWBE Certified

Title 10 Certified with the Colville Confederated Tribes

Confluence Gallery Board Member

200 Hour RYT with Yoga Alliance and YogaFit

200 Hour RYT with Yoga Alliance and YogaFit